Set fields to be used as title, description and canonical

By default the extension adds own fields for the SEO fields. In an installation where you already have fields for this options and maybe even an extension providing data for these fields, you can now configure which fields to use for the SEO analysis. You can do this in the constants part of TypoScript.

plugin.tx_yoastseo {
    titleField = your_own_title_field
    descriptionField = your_own_description_field
    canonicalTagField = your_own_canonical_field
    noIndexField = your_own_no_index_field
    noFollowField = your_own_no_follow_field

Prepend and append text to the title of a page

Sometimes you want the title of the page to be prepended or appended with a specific text. You can prepend and append the title by using these constants in TypoScript:

plugin.tx_yoastseo {
    titlePrepend = prepend title -
    titleAppend = - append title