Local environment with DDEV

In this repository we added a DDEV setup so you can easily test your contributions in all the TYPO3 versions the extension should work with.

First of all, make sure you have installed DDEV and Docker. See the DDEV documentation how to do that. After you have installed DDEV, run the following command in the root of this repository.

ddev start

After the setup is started, you can use the following command to make sure all installations are up and running.

ddev install-all

When the script is finished, you can go to and check the TYPO3 installations that are available to test your work.


The following instances will be up and running for you after you have installed the DDEV setup.


You will be able to login to the backend of the instances above, by using the following credentials:


Reset setup

You want to reset the instances? Use the following two commands. Be aware that this will also reset the databases!

ddev rm -O -R

and after that:

docker volume rm yoast-seo-v9-data yoast-seo-v10-data yoast-seo-v11-data

If you change the code, you can directly see the changes in all the installations of your DDEV setup.

Thanks to Armin Vieweg for this example DDEV setup for TYPO3 extensions.