emailobfuscator - TYPO3 extension

Authors:Thomas Pronold |
License:GPL 2 or later

What does it do?

Replaces the default email address spam protection with a better one. The email obfuscation is more randomized, safer and more user friendly for the website visitor.

Why is ‘config.spamProtectEmailAddresses’ a bad idea?

  1. Only TYPOLINKS are obfuscated. Plain emails or manual HTML email link markup is ignored.
  2. The user cannot right click and copy-paste the email address.

What changed with version 6?

Version 6 is a complete new approach to solve the email obfuscation issue. I have removed a lot of old code and wrote the extension from scratch.

The most important change is, that you have to enable the extension with TypoScript now.

plugin.tx_emailobfuscator.settings {
    enabled = 1

Since everything is new, the state is set back to BETA