For trying out TYPO3 CMS you need to have a fully configured and ready to use web server which meets the minimum system requirements.

If you do not have a web server and you are running a MS Windows on your local machine, you might want to try the TYPO3Winstaller, which will install a web server and TYPO3 CMS on your computer.

Make sure to have your database credentials ready.

Installing TYPO3 CMS base system

First you will need to download and install the TYPO3 CMS Package. Follow the steps provided in the Quick Installation part of the Installation and Upgrade Guide.

At step 6, choose to download the list of distributions. See below.

Installing the Introduction Package

When you are at step 6 of the Install Tool, choose to download the list of distributions.

Choosing to load distributions in the Install Tool

You then will be prompted to log into the TYPO3 CMS backend using the login and password you defined just before in step 5. You will be taken automatically to the place where you can choose a distribution.

Installing TYPO3 CMS Introduction Package

Just click on the "Install" button and a complete preconfigured web site will be installed within minutes. It contains several pages and a lot of example content.

We will explore all that in the rest of this tutorial.