TYPO3 Exception 1237823699


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#1237823699: Required argument "controller" was not supplied.

Just add the parameter controller to the be.menus.actionMenuItem ViewHelper:

<f:be.menus.actionMenuItem controller="YourController" label="YourLabel" action="YourAction" />

Required argument "viewHelperArgument" was not supplied. Is thrown if you use a view Helper in your fluid template without a required argument.

#1237823699: Required argument "each" was not supplied.

<f:for each="{menu}" as="menuEntry" key="table">

You must add the parameter 'menu' to the call from the PHP side.

$assigns['menu'] = $menu;

And you must have the correct syntax of the "f:for"-ViewHelper.

<f:for each="{menu}" as="menuEntry" key="table">

#1237823699 Error: Required argument "colPos" was not supplied.

TYPO3 with flux and fluidcontent - Upgraded to version 9.

Issue 1: Fluidcontent needs to be migrated to Flux: https://github.com/FluidTYPO3/fluidcontent/issues/424 → Run SQL Statement https://stackoverflow.com/a/50759394/3894752

Issue 2: Flux now requires colPos attributes for content elements as well: https://github.com/FluidTYPO3/flux/issues/1599 → Add colPos attribute to all grids with numbers from 0 to 99. The Update script of flux will then fix the colPos Value in the database automatically. https://github.com/FluidTYPO3/flux/issues/1594#issuecomment-408886174

#1237823699 Error: Required argument "error" was not supplied.

Issue: Upgrade of Form Framework from Version 9 to 11. Frontend shows exception about missing error translation argument.

Solution: Compare markup of the original Partial (typo3/sysext/form/Resources/Private/Frontend/Partials/Field/Field.html) to your custom Partial.


{formvh:translateElementError(element: element, code: error.code, arguments: error.arguments, defaultValue: error.message)}


{formvh:translateElementError(element: element, error: error)}