TYPO3 Exception 1245673367


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The given class “Tx_Extname_Classname” is not a registered object.

I get this error after installing an Extension which tries to use a Class not defined in any of the typical Extbase Autoloader locations.

Oops, an error occurred!

The given class "Tx_Extname_Classname" is not a registered object.

Occurs in: typo3/sysext/extbase/Classes/SignalSlot/Dispatcher.php

throw new Tx_Extbase_SignalSlot_Exception_InvalidSlotException(sprintf('Cannot dispatch %s::%s to class %s. The object manager is not yet available in the Signal Slot Dispatcher and therefore it cannot dispatch classes.', $signalClassName, $signalName, $slotInformation['class']), 1298113624);
    if (!$this->objectManager->isRegistered($slotInformation['class'])) {
        throw new Tx_Extbase_SignalSlot_Exception_InvalidSlotException('The given class "' . $slotInformation['class'] . '" is not a registered object.', 1245673367);
    $object = $this->objectManager->get($slotInformation['class']);
  • caused by mismatch between the classname in the signal slot (in ext_tables.php) and the namespace/classname combination (fully qualified class name) in Classes/Controller/XxxController.php