TYPO3 Exception 1253191023


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TypoScript object path "tt_content.list.20.your_extension" does not exist

Missing content rendering definition

Using fluid_styled_content: had to add a list entry for my current plugin. fluid_styled_content needs you to override its default if you change the templateRootPaths. Meaning that when overriding lib.fluidContent, you need to add something like this:

lib.fluidContent {
    templateName = YourTemplateName
    templateRootPaths {
        30 = EXT:myext/Resources/Private/Templates
    layoutRootPaths {
        30 = EXT:myext/Resources/Private/Layouts
    partialRootPaths {
        30 = EXT:myext/Resources/Private/Partials
    list {
        templateName = YourListTemplateName

Removed/inactive extension

TypoScript object path "tt_content.list.your_extension." does not exist

This could be cause by a frontend plugin from an extension which has been removed/deactivated in the meantime.

A possible fix is hiding/removing the plugin or installing/activating the related extension again.