TYPO3 Exception 1255072832


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The form field "[items][][]" is invalid.

The form field "[items][][]" is invalid. Reason: "[]" used not as last argument, but somewhere in the middle (like foo[][bar]).

The value of "name" is missing in the form field.

For example at the selecting field:

<f:form.select '''name="paymentOptions"''' options="{payPal: 'PayPal International Services', visa: 'VISA Card'}" value="visa" />

The error also occurs having a Fluid template like

<f:for each="{collection}" as="item" key="key">
  <f:form.checkbox name="items[]"  value="{key}"  />
  <label for="item-{key}">{item.name}</label>

When you select a checkbox and submit the from, you will receive the error message.

Solution: Adding a counter/id in the brackets of the name attribute solves the problem:

<f:form.checkbox name="items[{key}]"  value="{key}"  />.

Since in the form.checkbox documentation the examples are given with empty brackets, I consider this a bug.1

Better solution (since TYPO3 7): Do not add yourself [] to the name of the checkbox. Simply add multiple="1" and Fluid will adds automatically the [] to all the checkbox of the group.

<f:for each="{collection}" as="item" key="key">
  <f:form.checkbox name="items" multiple="1"  value="{key}"  />
  <label for="item-{key}">{item.name}</label>