TYPO3 Exception 1257246929


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Tried resolving a template file for controller action "..." in format ".html", ...

Error message:

#1257246929: Tried resolving a template file for controller action "Page->render" in format ".html",
but none of the paths contained the expected template file ().
The following paths were checked: .../typo3conf/ext/fluidpages/Resources/Private/Templates/


TYPO3Fluid\Fluid\View\Exception\InvalidTemplateResourceException thrown in file
.../typo3_src/vendor/typo3fluid/fluid/src/View/TemplatePaths.php in line 590.

Problem: No page templates

We had this error when no fluidpage templates were available and thus not selected in the backend.

Problem: Extension containing templates not installed

We had this error when site package extension which contained templates was not installed, thus TYPO3 couldn't resolve EXT:extensionname/... paths.

Problem: sitepackage not added in resources

We had this error because the sitepackage was not added on root -> edit page -> resources -> include pagetsconfig

Problem: TYPO3 9.5 Install Tool

This error happens after an upgrade from TYPO3 8.7. Then the TYPO3 9.5 Install Tool is stuck in this error message. All the caches must be deleted. And the file index.php must be checked. This should be a link and not a php file. Activate the systemLogLevel' => 0, 'devIPmask' and 'displayErrors' => 1 in the file LocalConfiguration.php.