TYPO3 Exception 1294587218


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ServiceUnavailable: TypoScriptFrontendController

TypoScript is the language, in which the internal object structure in TYPO3 CMS is described (not the HTML DOM). Each page needs at least one TypoScript template either in its own properties or in an upward page.

So you need at least one page and a “root level” template record with some content.

If you have both, go through the following:

First, check wether the page you don’t see or at least one of the pages in root-direction has a TypoScript template which works, is active and has root-level property. To achieve this, go to the following window:

Template Module in the left column > page is selected in middle column > info/edit in top selection field > edit complete template record > “General” - tab

  • check the template TypoScript code in the “Setup” - text field
  • The “inactive” field must be unchecked.
  • Check, whether root-level property is set in the “Options” tab: the “root level” field must be checked.

If all this is o.k., but the error occurs nonetheless, you may delete and re-create the root template.

Delete the root template with the little trash bin on top of template edit page.

Then create a new template by clicking “Create template for new website”. This button has appeared after deleting the root template.

Additionally, you find many information in the docs on TYPO3.org

SOLUTION 1 (Tested with TYPO3 7+)

  1. In the backend, click on ‘Template’ menu under web module.
  2. Click on the main page (usually id 1)
  3. Select Info/Modify in the dropdown menu on the header section of the content pane.
  4. Click on the Edit the whole template record button.
  5. Click on the Options tab.
  6. Make sure to select Rootlevel checkbox. Problem solved.