TYPO3 Exception 1301648167


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ServiceUnavailableException: TypoScriptFrontendController

addRootLineFields which are not available

Happens if you have set some additional fields in $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['addRootLineFields'] which do not exist in the database table pages. Try to do a DB COMPARE. If you got this error, check if you have defined non-existent fields in your $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['addRootLineFields'] configuration.

TypoScript PAGE cObject is missing

In certain cases, it is possible that this error occurs, when the necessary PAGE cObject (e.g. page = PAGE) isn't available with the requested typeNum. Check if your TypoScript setup is completely loaded.

TYPO3 4.7.x

Mountpoints and Shortcut Pages


If you have a shortcut page which links to "first subpage" and the first subpage is a mountpoint, than you will run into this error.

Do not use "first subpage" if the first visible(!) subpage is a mountpage. You can select the mountpage as shortcut target - just do not use the automatic functions ("first subpage", "random subpage"...)

Realurl and Mountpoints

If you use realurl and mountpoints. It seems that RealUrl cannot/does not remove the cache entries, if you change a mountpage to a normal page. If you got this error, go to the mountpoint itself and remove all cacheentries.

TYPO3 4.7.4, realurl 1.12.3