TYPO3 Exception 1301648780


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Wrong Site Configuration

In LTS 9 this exception occurs when the rootPageId in the site config (config/sites/domainname/config.yaml) does not match the pageId of the page that is set as root page.

Wrong preview/extension configuration

The Exception occurred after updating to 6.2.9. When editing a tx_cal_event (/typo3/alt_doc.php?edit[tx_cal_event][135]=edit) and using any of the “Save”-Links, the Error “Page Not Found (404) The requested page does not exist!” is shown and nothing is saved. The resulting URL is /typo3/alt_doc.php?&edit[tx_cal_event][135]=edit&returnUrl=dummy.php which might hold two hints: dummy.php and the missing key/value in the query string directly after the question mark.

SOLUTION The solution was, that the SysFolder had a Page TSconfig entry options.tx_cal_controller.pageIDForPlugin = 419. The page 419 had been deleted. After removing the option cal worked again. So be sure to check the page TSconfig for wrong entries