TYPO3 Exception 1314516810


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File “…” does not exist.

In general: the mentioned file or folder does not exist, check if the file or folder is available and has the correct file permissions.

Introduction Package

A logo file is missing when the introduction is installed.

Workaround 1

A workaround is to edit the TypoScript template on the root page and comment the first line //page.logo.file = fileadmin/introduction/images/theme/IntroductionPackage.png

Workaround 2

Another solution is to go to the web root of your TYPO3 installation (e.g. /home/typo3/www/ or /home/typo3/htdocs/) and execute the following shell commands which will copy the missing file to where it is supposed to be:

mkdir fileadmin/introduction/images/theme/

cp typo3conf/ext/introduction/Initialisation/Files/images/theme/IntroductionPackage.png fileadmin/introduction/images/theme/