TYPO3 Exception 1319455097


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Error while fetching permissions for "..."

Issue occurs because of offline filestorage

Go to page 0 and check your file storage records. If they are offline at the moment, set them online. After saving check whether they are still offline. If this is the case, check whether the defined file path exists on the system. TYPO3 will set file storages offline if they can't be "mounted" because they are not there.

After the folder exists and the record is set to online, the issue should be solved in most cases.

Unicode files

It maybe connected to unicode file names handling - it can happen with names like Økonomi.jpg. If you have such file in folder then you can have following error message:

In this case check 2 things:

  1. Settings in config should contain: [SYS][UTF8filesystem] = true [SYS][systemLocale] = 'en_US.utf8'

  2. See in server's shell whether your file system supports unicode/utf-8 names, using for example command 'locale'

UTF-8 problems

UTF-8 named files may become damaged/mangled upon transferring them via (S)FTP. For example using Transmit/Coda between OS X and a linux server. Use scp, rsync or lftp to transfer such files. Alternatively, also compressing them in a tar.gz for the move may help.

Default storage setting missing

Problem occurred for me after updating from TYPO3 6.2.10 to 6.2.11 and 6.2.12 – contrary to https://forge.typo3.org/issues/58403#note-3 I re-created a file storage for /, but without setting it as default (fileadmin/ is still the default storage).

Migrate all RTE magic images

Got this exception during update 4.5.40 to 6.2.12 at "Migrate all RTE magic images from uploads/RTEmagicC_* to fileadmin/_migrated/RTE/".

Solution: Delete unwanted entries from sys_file_storage.

Remove /uploads from filemounts

Remove the uploads-folder from filemounts, log out and log in.