TYPO3 Exception 1320286857


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File “…” is not valid (“..” and “//” is not allowed in path).

File Record Wizard

This error occurs e.g. when a file-name contains an umlaut. By removing the umlaut this can fix this issue. However, if it doesn’t check the other posted solutions in this entry.

RTE// CKEditor with Core v9+

This issue occurred to me by misusing the softref config within the bodytext TCA configuration in an override. (in my concrete example)

This bug behaved like the following with the relevant content in line 1 of the bodytext editor input:

  • Saving ‘test test’ -> works
  • Saving ‘testtest’ -> error
  • Saving ‘test’ -> error

When 'softref' is set to e.g. the bodytext field, the DataHandler calls updateRefIndexTable of the ReferenceIndex. The Stacktrace leads through the SoftReferenceIndex and its getTypoLinkParts function. There the TypoLinkCodecService is called with ->decode(...) This functionality is used to resolve links, while it splits on spaces. This is the reason why ‘testtest’ fails and ‘test test’ does not. ‘testtest’ gets wrapped with it’s p-Tags and results in invalid linkhandling while ‘test test’ gets split into ‘< p > test’ which is not correct, but does not throw an exception.


I noticed this issue when RTE had an incorrect link:

<link ../fileadmin/user_upload/documents/myhomeplan.pdf>

TYPO3 specifically reported that the file path is incorrect and that “..” and “//” are not allowed in the beginning of file path.

This happened for us after we migrated from 4.5.x to 4.6.x.

  • Solution: Remove the invalid link via phpmyadmin or similar tools
  • Can affect: Any table, ex: news, tt_news etc…
  • Sometimes, we may even get into this situation when the file in question has been renamed/moved/missing.