TYPO3 Exception 1365429673


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Extension key “…” is NOT loaded!

Disable the extension manually

Open typo3conf/PackageStates.php, look up the extension key and change

   // ...
   'state' => 'active'
   // ...


   // ...
   'state' => 'inactive'
   // ...

You might also need to clear the PHP code cache in typo3temp:

$ rm -rf typo3temp/*


Using a Vagrant with TYPO3 6.2beta6 we had this problem

vagrant reload --provision did not help.

Frontend is working fine but you can’t login to the backend!

My solution: You can check in the TYPO3 Database Table sys_log which exception is thrown. Now find the offending extension in LocalConfiguration.php and disable it (see above).

Mixed composer/classic installation

This could also happen when you attempt to unpack a .tar.gz packed version of TYPO3 and run it’s installer over an previously composer-style-installed instance. The install-tool then breaks the PackageStates.php, trying to recover the old version did help in my case. For me the extension cms was affected. This happens during an update from TYPO3 6.2 to 7.1 or later. You must search for the following array part or add it to your file PackageStates.php:

'cms' =>
array (
  'manifestPath' => ,
  'composerName' => 'typo3/cms',
  'state' => 'active',
  'packagePath' => 'typo3/sysext/cms/',
  'classesPath' => 'Classes/',
  'suggestions' =>
  array (

back from TYPO3 7.6.x

The following error message is shown when you downgrade from TYPO3 7.6 to 6.2.

TYPO3 Fatal Error: Extension key "cms" is NOT loaded

You must have a backup copy of the file typo3conf/PackageStates.php . Restore a file PackageStates.php which is compatible under TYPO3 6.2.