TYPO3 Exception 1390290029


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You are trying to use a method on an inaccessible folder.

Processed directory readonly

We had this error when listing files in the backend. The source of the problem was that the folder contained image files and the backend wanted to create and save preview images. The processed folder was set to a second file storage whose root directory was readonly. After fixing that permission problem of the second file storage, everything worked again.

TYPO3 11.5 - File storage is offline / not found

Got to the backend module File > Filelist and check if a file storage is offline. If so right click on it and choose Edit from the context menu. Check the paths or sources that are configured here.


  • accessed files/folders may be missing (check if the do exist)

  • file storage may be out of webroot (try to move the files into a valid file storage)

  • check the same folder in the backend module File->List - maybe some Icons will show you that the folder is not accessible

  • check missing folders in typo3temp

  • If the file storage is readonly (Flag Is writable not set), then you may need to set a Folder for manipulated and temporary images -> This folder may be located in another file storage, which is writeable (eg the non-writable file storage is number 2, a writeable storage is number 1, then set this folder value to 1:/_processed_)