TYPO3 Exception 1417988921


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The CSRF protection token for the requested module is missing or invalid.

Page module not working (TYPO3 7.x - fixed in newer versions)

Create your first page in the List-tab. Afterwards it will work in the Page-tab too. Copied from this german thread: https://forum.typo3.org/index.php/t/210486/

Other Workaround, which applies for 7.4.0:

  • Export (to .t3d) a single leaf page from another TYPO3 CMS instance (mine was 6.2)

  • Right click root element in page tree => Import from .t3d (I imported only page properties)

  • Now I can append other pages to that page by using the New operation (which failed before)

  • I can even add pages (with New to the root element which did not work before.

Still, none of my pages is tagged as Use as Root Page in Page Properties > Behaviour => It does not have to do with "Root Page". Instead, at least one page must exist to get rid of the Bug (as a workaround).

Limitation: When I delete all pages in the page tree, and then try to right-click-New => I hit the error again. Basically this means that this workaround only works as long as you don't delete all pages.

See https://forge.typo3.org/issues/66704. When there is a fix available and released, an update should do.