TYPO3 Exception 1518472189


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Path is not found (TYPO3 version 9.5)

The error is shown if the requested page can't be found for one of the following or further reasons:

  • Slugs are defined for pages but there is a fault in the definitions (for example a trailing slash or the path is broken).

  • This may happen with a PersistedAliasMapper definition if the record you try to decode is stored outside of your site.

  • If there are several domains defined in one TYPO3-installation and a page includes a link to a page that is in another domain but still to another page inside the TYPO3-installation.

  • If there are several domains defined in a TYPO3-installation and one some configurations share the same rootPageId

Request parameters could not be validated

Some parameters in your url should not be part of the cHash generation. You must add them to the cacheHash excluded parameters list in the install Tool. For example the eID parameter for Ajax calls should not be part of the cHash generation.

How to fix cross-domain problems (TYPO3 version 9.5)?

  • Create a site-configuration for the rootpage of each domain in the TYPO3-installation's pagetree.

How to fix issues regarding multiple site configurations with the same rootPageId (TYPO3 version 9.5)?

  • Remove the offending configuration or consolidate the configurations in one file