TYPO3 Exception 1533818591


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InvalidPasswordHashException: No implementation found that handles given hash

The following exception may bubble up since TYPO3 v9 during login:

#1533818591 TYPO3\CMS\Core\Crypto\PasswordHashing\InvalidPasswordHashException
No implementation found that handles given hash. This happens if the
stored hash uses a mechanism not supported by current server.


A frontend user, a backend user or the install tool password hash is stored using a mechanism not supported by the current server. The login process can not compare the given password with the stored hash.


This typically happens if a TYPO3 upgrade is performed on a system that supports the default hash mechanism argon2i, passwords in the database and/or the install tool password is updated to use this hash, and the system is then deployed to a system that does not support argon2i.


Please see Password hashing troubleshooting.