TYPO3 Exception 1534710048


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Exeption is thrown when click in Backend on Module "Sites"

This error happens after upgrading from TYPO3 8 or 9 or after importing a database from an older TYPO3 instance. It happens on trying to create a site configuration. The error is cause by Missing database tables


Go to Admin Tools -> Maintenance -> Database Compare and bring the database schema up to date.

Exception is thrown when trying to edit records in BE

Error in TCA configuration

Might be caused by a TCA definition of a table other then pages using the following:

'displayCond' => 'USER:'
   . \\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Compatibility\PseudoSiteTcaDisplayCondition::class .

is used for records. The pseudo site check should only be used for pages. Remove or adopt display condition. Problem occurred for example in tt_address >= 5.0.0, < 5.2.0 for field slug.

The error may only occur if you edit specific records as a problem only arises if a page(!) with the uid of the record(!) does not exist.

Extension news or tt_address needs updates

Some versions of the extensions news and tt_address can cause this error on opening records like sys_category. Updating the extension to the most recent version can help. For example updating News to version 8.4.1 or newer fixes this issue.