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What does it do?

This extension allows the editor to set an individual class and / or id attribute for the body tag. If configured, page id, parent page id, language id or random classes are automatically inserted in the body tag.

The class and / or id attribute for the body tag is set automatically or individually by an editor in the page properties. The automatically id attribute consists of the string "page_" and the page alias or page-id, if there's no alias. The automatically class attribute consists of the string "parent_" and the alias or page-id of the parent page. You can change the prepended string via TypoScript. You can define random class names, which are optional saved in the session.



You can activate and define the id and class attribute in page properties


Easy and comprehensive configuration in the Constant Editor


After installing this extension via the extension manager and updating the database, you have to include the extension template in field "Include static (from extensions)" in your main template.

Overview of TypoScript constants

Property Data type Default Description
enableBodyId boolean 1 Enable ID: Body tag gets ID attribute: Value from alias field or page ID.
enableBodyClass boolean 1 Enable class: Body tag gets class attribute: You can type in the value or the page ID from parent page is taken (e.g. "parent_123").
enableGeneratedClass boolean 1 Enable generated class: If deactivated, the body tag gets no class attribute generated from parent ID (see setting "enableBodyClass"); only the value you typed in in page properties is taken.
enableLanguageClass boolean 1 Enable language class: Body tag gets class attribute generated from current language ID (e.g. "lang_2").
enableRandomClass boolean 0 Enable random class: Body tag gets a random class. The class changes every page request.
randomClasses string style1,style2,style3 Define the random classes: Type in the pool for random classes, serarated by comma.
storeRandomClassInCookie boolean 0 Save random class: The random class (which was chosen on the first page request) is saved in session, so the random body class only changes when the user restarts his browser.
overwriteGeneratedByIndividualClass boolean 0 Overwrite generated class: The automatically generated class (see setting "enableGeneratedClass") is removed, if you type in a class in page properties.
enableOnlyOnSelectedPages boolean 0 Enable ID and class only on selected pages: Body tag gets ID and class attribute only, if you activate a checkbox in page properties. The body tag on all other pages remains untouched.


Usage with TYPO3 < 7

Please use version 2.0.0 from TER.

Usage with TYPO3 < 6.2

Please use version 1.4.1 from TER.


See file ChangeLog in the extension directory.