How to document an extension


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This chapters explain how to write documentation for an extension or make changes to existing documentation of extensions. The extension may be a third party extension by someone else or one you maintain yourself. It may also be a system extension in the core.

The documentation for extensions has the same structure as the documentation for official manuals. See Directories and file names for more details on these files.

If you want to start new extension documentation, there are 2 ways to start:

  1. Start extension documentation from the example manual
  2. Start documentation with the extension builder

This chapter assumes that you create, maintain and render the documentation for your extension using local editing and rendering with Docker. It requires Docker for running the rendering toolchain locally on your computer to check if the documentation is rendered correctly.

An alternative for this is using a documentation-draft branch in your repository. This will render the documentation as draft (which is not indexed by search engines). You can use this to test changes. See Supported branches for more information.

This chapter walks you through extension documentation. It provides links to additional information, but you may also want to look at the following basic resources: