Application Context

TYPO3 CMS provides three build-in contexts:

  • Production (default)
  • Development
  • Testing

Environment variable TYPO3_CONTEXT

The application context can be changed by setting the environment variable TYPO3_CONTEXT. If not set, Production is the default context.

In your Apache configuration you may use

SetEnv TYPO3_CONTEXT Development

to set the environment variable TYPO3_CONTEXT and change the TYPO3 Application Context to Development.

Development Context in bsdist

In the setup file theme/typoscript/setup.ts is a conditional part with settings for development environments included. It is only a basic setup. The CSS and Javascript files are not merged and meta robots is set to noindex,nofollow in the development context.

[applicationContext = Development*]
        page {
                meta {
                        robots   = noindex,nofollow
                includeCSS {
                        bootstrap = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.bootstrapCssFile}
                        lightbox = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.lightboxCssFile}
                        # css/styles.css (created by grunt scss task if scss/styles.scss is used)
                        custom = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.baseDir}/css/styles.css
                includeJSFooterlibs {
                        bootstrap = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.bootstrapJsFile}
                        lightbox = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.lightboxJsFile}
                        # js/includes/custom.js
                        custom = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.baseDir}/js/includes/custom.js
                        # or _includes.js (created by grunt concat task)
                        #custom = {$plugin.tx_bsdist.theme.baseDir}/js/_includes.js

You will find more information about Application Context on