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Administrator Manual

Target group: Administrators


The task don't disable excluded User.


Just install with Extension Manager and create a new scheduler task "Disable Feuser".

Now you have the possibilty to exclude single User From this Task

Screenshot of frontend user

Optional: You can set an individual HTML E-Mail Template in ExtensionManager Configuration

Screenshot of Extensionmanager Configuration


Input field: "Time of Inactivity to disable Feuser"

Here you have to set a time span e.g. "1 months". You have to use a correkt (PHP) Date/Time Format.

valid examples are:

1 day

1 week

1 month

1 year

10 days

10 weeks

10 months

10 years

invalid examples are:

ein Tag

1 Woche

one months

Background: The scheduler task create a Datetime Object and subtract the time span from "now".

Input field: "Notification Email (optional) "

If you set an email address you get the date and a list with disabled user from the task.

Screenshot of Scheduler Task

Disable Feuser Scheduler Task