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Evangelische Termine

Extension name:Evangelische Termine für TYPO3
Extension Key:evangtermine
Description:Extension integrates the output of the “Evangelische Termine” web application into TYPO3 web sites.
Copyright:May 2019
Author:Christoph Roth - Landeskirchenamt EKvW, Arbeitsbereich Kommunikation
License:This document is published under the Open Content License available from
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Why this is not an english manual

This extension integrates the output of the proprietary “Evangelische Termine” web application into TYPO3 web sites. “Evangelische Termine” is an application for publication and management of local event notes owned by Vernetzte Kirche and used by several protestant churches in Germany. As it would make little sense to write an english manual for an all-german target audience, this document will be in german.