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GroupDocs.Viewer for .NETΒΆ


GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET plugin for Typo3 CMS

This plugin is developed based on the GroupDocs HTML5 document viewer for .NET library, which enables you to display over 45 different types of documents right on your Typo3 website. This version of the viewer allows you to store and process documents on your own server.

###Plugin Manual Installation Instructions:

  1. Go to Admin Tools panel in your WebSite/typo3/backend.php, then 'Extension Manager'
  2. Press on the icon "Upload extension" and upload package
  3. After, choose GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET from the list 'Manage Extensions'
  4. You can deactivate/activate plugins in Extension Manager.

###Sign, Manage, Annotate, Assemble, Compare and Convert Documents with GroupDocs

###Created by GroupDocs Marketplace Team.