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Drag&Drop for list view

Enables drag&drop for records in TYPO3 backend list module (list view).

Provides the following functionalities :

  • Automatically hides translated records if Localization view is disabled
  • Disable drag&drop based on records type and TYPO3 standard move conditions
  • Use of standard TYPO3 function for move action


  1. Install and activate extension listview_dnd
  2. Set the tables authorized for drag&drop

By default, drag&drop can't be used on any records. You have to manually set the records tables in the page TSConfig to enable them to be moved with drag&drop:

tx_listview_dnd.tables {
   10 = tx_myext_domain_model_myrecord
   20 = ...


Moving records in TYPO3 is bugged with content records and nested records. This extension doesn't try to solve/avoid/work around those bugs.

You should not activate drag&drop for tables like tt_content, sys_category, or any content/nested records.


While this extension tries to be as less intrusive as possible, it can be incompatible with other list-view customizations.


Why do I must manually enable each record type to use with drag&drop ? Why not enable all records automatically to use drag&drop ?

There are bugs in TYPO3 move actions for content records (e.g. tt_content), and also for nested records (e.g. categories).

Since those standard move actions are used in this extension, drag&drop can mess up your data for those records.

It is not recommended to activate drag&drop for content or nested records.

I can't see my translated records after installing this extension !

It makes no sense to drag&drop records with translated child records taking lot of screen space.

That's why this extension automatically hides translated records if Localization view is disabled in list view.

You still can see translated records by simply enabling the Localization view. But in that case drag&drop is disabled.

I can't use drag&drop even if my configuration is correct !

Drag&drop is automatically disabled according to the default TYPO3 behavior when moving records:

  • Records are displayed with sorting
  • You don't have authorization to edit the records
  • Search records is set with 1/2/3/4 level down

I can't no more use move up/down arrows when this extension is active !

The up/down arrows are automatically hidden because they are useless when drag&drop is active.