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Users Manual

Import and install the newest version of this extension from TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).


The configuration is done in the extension configuration of "Extension Manager".

  • enableBackend: Enable login limit for Backend.
  • enableFrontend: Enable login limit for Frontend.
  • enableCleanUpAtLogin: Enable clean up expired entries at login, alternatively a scheduler task can be set-up.
  • delayLogin: Every failed login attempt delays login for 1 second. Max. 10 seconds.
  • findtime: Time frame (in seconds) to look for failed login attempts.
  • maxretry: Number of failed login attempts within findtime causing a ban for bantime.
  • bantime: Duration (in seconds) to be banned for. Negative number for "permanent" ban.

Add scheduler task

First of all please make sure that you have installed and set-up the extension "scheduler" properly. Therefore the "Setup check" is provided in the module "Scheduler".

In module "Scheduler" add a new task, select "Extbase CommandController Task" as "Class", set desired "Frequency" and select "Loginlimit Task: cleanUp" as "CommandController Command".

If clean-up is done through scheduler task, the option "enableCleanUpAtLogin" in extension configuration should be disabled.