Mask 3.0.2
Fixed wrong typo3 version dependency
Mask 3.0.1
Link bug fixed
Mask 3.0.0
TYPO3 8 LTS Compatibility
Mask 2.1.1
PHP7 Compatibility fixed
Mask 2.1.0
New field type "Content", to nest content elements, possibility to set layouts- and partials rootpaths for backend and frontend, added TYPO3 8 and PHP7 Support, new controls (purge, deactive, element counter), enhanced support of language labels, better performance in frontend and backend, bugfixes
Mask 2.0.1
Fixed Bug with JsOpenParamsViewHelper
Mask 2.0.0
Kicking all the legacy TYPO3 6.2 code, Code refactoring and cleanup, no more huge MaskUtility Class, better use of TYPO3 Standards, Possibility to add tabs to content elements and pages, New FontAwesome Icon Picker for better UX, Mask-Backend Module now uses Tab Elements for better structuring, Many new TCA options for each field type
Mask 1.1.4
Small Bugfix release
Mask 1.1.3
Small Bugfix release: Fixed Link-Wizard in TYPO3 7, More checks to prevent warnings, FAL translations fixed, Only allow mask fields in page properties, Fixed Bug with addRootline Fields, Key is now also shown if it is TYPO3 field
Mask 1.1.2
Small Bugfix release
Mask 1.1.1
Small Bugfix release: PHP 5.4 fix, deleted subelements in IRRE are shown in default language, previewicons in TYPO3 6.2, RTE fix, Text corrections
Mask 1.1.0
Lot of Bugfixes, TYPO3 7.6 Compatibility, Manageable Backend-preview, Font-awesome previewicons
Mask 1.0.0
First live version of Mask