TYPO3 Extension "me_extsearch"

Extends indexed_search to clear search index records older than 3 and more days. Add autocomplete for search form and prepare pagebrowser to used twitter bootstrap.


  1. just upload and activate the extension


Used clear search index service

  1. Set count of days as minimum age of search cache records to be deleted
  2. Add scheduler task "Extbase CommandController Task" -> "MeExtsearch Index: clear"

Add autocomplete in search word field

  1. Include "m:e ExtSearch Autocomplete jQuery (me_extsearch)" as static file in page template if needed.
  2. Include "m:e ExtSearch Autocomplete jQuery UI (me_extsearch)" as static file in page template if needed.
  3. Include "m:e ExtSearch Autocomplete example (me_extsearch)" as static file in page template.
  4. The autocomplete example was written for template "sysext/indexed_search/pi/template_css.tmpl". It triggers by changing a field with id "#tx-indexedsearch-searchbox-sword".

Overwrite pagebrowser

  1. Activate "overwritePagebrowser" in after activate extension in extension manager.
  2. Set count of list records with constants "plugin.tx_meextsearch.search_autocomplet.maxResults". Default number is 3.
  3. Activate exactCount flag with "plugin.tx_indexedsearch.search.exactCount = 1"


  • typo3@move-elevator.de
  • Company: http://www.move-elevator.de
  • Issue-Tracker - https://github.com/move-elevator/me_extsearch

Change Log

2015-05-08 Jan Maennig jma@move-elevator.de

* Update composer.json to fixed problems at extension activation

2015-04-17 Jan Maennig jma@move-elevator.de

* Initialize Release to TER.

2013-10-25 Thomas Scholze ts@move-elevator.de

* Add service to clear search index 

2013-10-11 Thomas Scholze ts@move-elevator.de

* Overwrite pagination to used bootstrap

2012-09-11 Jan Maennig jma@move-elevator.de

* Add service to clear search index