Example Typoscript Setup

To add custom settings for the extension, open your typoscript setup as following:

  • Open the module template.
  • Choose the page where your root template is stored (normally the root page).
  • Open the Setup.


  • Enter your settings at the end of your typoscript.

The following example shows all usable settings for the extension:

plugin.tx_mindshapecookiehint {
  settings {
        #choose style between "dark" or "light" (optional, default: dark)
        style = dark
        #position on "top" or "bottom" of your website (optional, default: bottom)
        position = top
        #page-id for more details about your cookies (optional, default: - )
        readmore = 35
        #append the cookie to the bottom of your page so it doesn't overlap footer-content
        appendToBottom = 0

  _LOCAL_LANG.de {
        hint.learnMore = Weitere Informationen.
        hint.dismiss = OK
        hint.message = Diese Webseite verwendet Cookies, um die Bedienfreundlichkeit zu erhöhen.

  _LOCAL_LANG.default {
        hint.learnMore = More info.
        hint.dismiss = Got it
        hint.message = This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

As you can see, all texts can be manipulated for the default language of your TYPO3-Website.

Please note: single quotes ‘ must be escaped with ‘ within your message or the box won’t be shown in the frontend