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What does it do?

This extension provides OpenID authentication for the Frontend and Backend. OpenID allows to authenticate on many web sites using a single registration at the OpenID provider. There are several OpenID providers on the Internet. Such major companies and sites as AOL, Blogger, Flickr, LiveJournal, Technoratti and Yahoo provide OpenID services (the full list can be found here ). Once registered with one OpenID provider, user can use his OpenID on any OpenID–enabled web site.


TYPO3 uses the same login forms for standard and OpenID authentication. When user enters his OpenID, he is transferred to the OpenID provider web site, where he should confirm his intention to authenticate with TYPO3 web site. OpenID provider can ask for the password. After conforming user is transferred back to the TYPO3 web site. Here is how Yahoo OpenID screen looks like:

Yahoo! OpenID screen

OpenID authentication via Yahoo!

This screenshot was taken on the developer's computer. Here Yahoo warns that the site possibly is not trustworthy.