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Possible subsections: Reference of TypoScript options.

Property: Data type: Description:
settings.filelink filelink

Defines the filelink which will be rendered in the thx view

jumpurl = 1 = 1 = pdf=application/pdf
icon = 1
icon\_link = 1
settings.fillPdf boolean Fills the pdf form with powermail field values. If set to 0 otherwise the pdf is not filled but still can be downloaded or attached.
settings.fieldMap array

Maps the powermail form fields with the pdf field.

   #pdfField = PowermailField
   #firstname = namefirmaverein
   #lastname = e_mail
   name = vorname
   address = nachname
   city = email
   phone = email
settings.enablePowermailPdf boolean Activates/Deactivates the extension
settings.showDownloadLink boolean Should the link be shown on the submit page? boolean Attach the pdf to the mail? Remember there are a receiver and an sender mail, if you want to attach the pdf to one/both of this mails you also need to activate plugin.tx_powermail.settings.sender.attachment and/or plugin.tx_powermail.settings.receiver.attachment
settings.sourceFile string Path of the pdf file


This is an example configuration.
 plugin.tx_powermailpdf {
    settings {
       filelink {
          jumpurl = 1
 = 1
 = pdf=application/pdf
          icon = 1
          icon_link = 1
       sourceFile = fileadmin/form.pdf
          #pdfField = PowermailField
          firstname = name
          lastname = lastname
          email = email
    showDownloadLink = {$plugin.tx_powermailpdf.settings.showDownloadLink}
       attachFile = {$}