This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and is probably outdated. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

t3ddy for TYPO3 CMS

t3ddy provides comfortable tabs and accordion handling right in TYPO3 page module, using the techniques of gridelements.

Demonstration of 1.0.0-dev:


  • Adds new content elements for tab container
  • Adds new content elements for accordion container
  • Adds jQueryUI to page module of TYPO3 and displays the actual tab containers and accordions as you would expect them in frontend (see screenshots)
  • Also provides jQueryUI for frontend (optional)
  • Several settings helps you to customize the behaviour of tabs/accordions in frontend
  • Change order of tabs with drag and drop, right in page module
  • Auto-focus tab, when a content element inside of this tab has been referenced in the URL (e.g. .../page.html#c123)
  • Creates first tab automatically when a new container has been created


This is how t3ddy looks like in backend of TYPO3 7.6:

Tab Container



Version 1.0+ of t3ddy requires:

  • TYPO3 7.6 or higher and
  • Gridelements 3.0.5 or higher


  1. Fetch and install t3ddy in TYPO3
  2. Add the static typoscript of gridelements and t3ddy to your TYPO3 template

Extension settings

t3ddy has some options you can set in extension manager:

  • disableTabContainer: When enabled, the tab container grid is disabled. Already existing items will stop to work.
  • disableAccordion: Same as "disableTabContainer" just for accordion items.
  • disableGridElementsChildrenInT3ddyItem: When enabled the inline field of container grid which contains the children is disabled
  • createFirstT3ddyItem: When enabled the first tab or page is automatically created when the container has been created.

Grid options

There are three content elements existing. Two for the different containers and one for the tabs/pages inside of it. Some of them have options.

Accordion container

  • Single Page Mode: When checked, in accordions only one page can be opened at once.
  • collapsible: When checked, all pages of accordion can get closed again by clicking on header.
  • Leave all items closed: When enabled, all pages of accordion are initially closed. Set focus of tiles is ignored.
  • Height style: Controls the height of the accordion container and each page.

Tab container

Tab containers have no options.

t3ddy item

A t3ddy item represents either a single tab or page.

  • Focus: When checked, this items opens in frontend per default instead of the first item. Don't forget to remove this option from other items, where you've set this option before.