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EXT: Page Tree Creation Wizard

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EXT: Page Tree Creation Wizard

Extension Key: wizard_crpagetree

Copyright 2007, Michiel Roos, <>

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Table of Contents

EXT: Page Tree Creation Wizard 1

Introduction 1

Screen shots 2

Advanced usage example 4


I made this extension because I found the create multiple pages wizard to be too limiting. We often run into people who have a complete sitemap available up front. It would be nice if this map could be imported into the page tree at once.

You can feed the wizard a space, tab or dot-indented list of titles. It will then create a page tree based on this input.

You can also specify additional fields on every line. This enables you to easily fill fields like subtitle or alias.

C-style comments (single and multi line) as well as empty lines are ignored.

Screen shots

img-1 Illustration 1: The page creation wizard in all it’s glory.

img-2 Illustration 2: The result of an import of a tree of trees into the tree ;-)

Well … a picture is worth a thousand words … Advanced usage example ———————-

Advanced usage example adding subtitle, keywords and doctype information.

img-3 Illustration 3: Advanced usage example

img-4 Illustration 4: Advanced usage example result

img-5 EXT: Page Tree Creation Wizard - 4