Information about a page

Click Info on the Admin Panel bar to show general information about the page. There are four tabs in the Info section.

The General tab of the Info section of the Admin Panel

The General tab of the Info section of the Admin Panel


The General tab displays general TYPO3 related information about the current page.

Document Size
The size of the loaded HTML document
The current page ID and type.
Frontend User Group
The current frontend user group restriction. Default is 0,-1 (no login required).
Whether the current page is cached or not.
Whether there are any USER_INT objects (uncached plugins) on the page. This is useful for performance analysis. See the USER_INT tab for more details.
Total Parsetime
The total parsetime TYPO3 needed to render the page.


Information about the PHP installation on the server. This helps developers to quickly analyze available PHP Extensions, global constants or version constraints.


This tab contains global PHP request information, for example the current content of the $_COOKIE variable and the $_SERVER variable.

This information helps developers to analyze the server environment further and find ini file paths or the IP address with which a user accesses the site.


This is the detail view of the UserIntObjects section of the General tab. If there are USER_INT objects, an integrator or developer can see details here and use it to figure out which plugins are impacting the caching behavior.