Feature: #78415 - Global Fluid ViewHelper namespaces moved to TYPO3 configuration

See Issue #78415


By storing Fluid’s namespaces in $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['fluid']['namespaces'] we can allow adding or extending the global namespaces from third party packages in for example ext_localconf.php or by simply specifying the namespace arrays in LocalConfiguration.php .

In terms of performance there is nearly zero impact but in terms of flexibility this should provide the ultimate way to manage global namespaces as configuration; something that currently is only possible by implementing custom ViewHelperResolvers.


  • Site administrators and third party ViewHelper packages will be able to manipulate the global namespace f: in configuration
  • Third party ViewHelper packages will be able to register new global namespaces
  • Template developers can use such global namespaces without first importing them and can use them in all Fluid templates regardless of context.