Objects rendering

This chapter describes how the rendering of each type of content element is configured in css_styled_content. Some types are very simple and rely purely on standard TypoScript objects. Other types use a configuration that is specific to css_styled_content.

All content types rendering definitions contain at least two levels of nested TypoScript object. The first level is always a COA. Inside that object there is always the following configuration:

10 = < lib.stdheader

This means that the standard rendering of content element headers is referenced inside every content element types, ensuring that headers are rendered consistently no matter what the type.

Default Message

When no rendering definition can be found for a content element type, some default message is displayed. This message is based on a standard t3tsref:cobj-text object and prints out some error message in a yellow box:

tt_content.default = TEXT
tt_content.default {
        field = CType
        wrap = <p style="background-color: yellow;"><b>ERROR:</b> Content Element type "|" has no rendering definition!</p>

        prefixComment = 2 | Unknown element message:

Rendering reference

The following sections describe the rendering of each element type, with a reference to all properties, when specific ones exist: