How to…

… use the Constant Editor for configuration

Basic configuration for CSS Styled Content is done using the constant editor. Go to the Web > Template module on your root page and switch to the Constant Editor. Choose the category “CONTENT”. You’ll now get a list of possible constants and their descriptions. The descriptions should be pretty self explaining.

The constant editor

Changing the main settings of css_styled_content in the Constant Editor

… use the Object Browser to change a single value

If you want to change a certain value – like a wrap around an element – you should use the TypoScript Object Browser. Go to the Web > Template module and choose “TypoScript Object Browser”. Now expand the tt_content tree to the element you want to change (for example the “div” [Divider] element):

The TypoScript Object Browser

Locating a specific property in the TypoScript Object Browser (TSOB)

On pressing “Update” the value is written into the setup field of your current template. If you edit quite a few values you should later manually cleanup the setup field (setting curly braces for better readability, deleting double entries…).

Editing a property

Editing a TypoScript property

For more information about working with TypoScript, please refer to the t3tssyntax:start manual.