If you upgrade your TYPO3 CMS installation from one major version to another (for example 7.6 to 8.7), it is advised to run the Upgrade Wizards. They guide you through the necessary steps to upgrade your database records or explicitly install extensions that ship with the latest TYPO3 CMS version.

Some database fields of the table tt_content are no longer used, the fields of FlexForms have been moved to proper database fields. To make sure you do not lose any information or the content elements look differently on your upgraded website run these Upgrade Wizards.

The upgrade wizards can be found in the Install tool.

Location of the Upgrade Wizard in the Install Tool

Upgrade Wizard


The predefined CONTENT objects styles.content.getLeft, styles.content.getRight and styles.content.getBorder are not provided anymore. styles.content.get still exists for your convenience. Most of the current websites are using “backend layouts”, where the predefined numbering of the columns does not make sense.


If you are still using the predefined CONTENT objects, you can use the following TypoScript:

styles.content {

   # get content, left
   getLeft < styles.content.get
   getLeft.select.where = {#colPos}=1

   # get content, right
   getRight < styles.content.get
   getRight.select.where = {#colPos}=2

   # get content, border
   getBorder < styles.content.get
   getBorder.select.where = {#colPos}=3

   # get news
   getNews < styles.content.get
   getNews.select.pidInList = {$styles.content.getNews.newsPid}