Using the rendering definitions

To use the default rendering definitions “fluid_styled_content” provides, you have to add the static template to your TypoScript template. Go to the module “Web > Template”:

Location of the Template module

Web > Template

In the page tree select the page which contains the root template of your website. This is mostly the root page of your website as well:

Location of the Root Page in the page tree

The Root Page in the page tree

Select “Info/Modify” in the dropdown at the top of the “Web > Template” module. This should show you the root template of your website if it is available:

Location of the dropdown in the Template module

The dropdown in the template module

Select Edit the whole template record at the bottom. This will open all the settings of the root template:

Location of the link to edit the whole template in the Template module

Edit the whole template record

Click on the tab “Includes” and select “Content Elements (fluid_styled_content)” in the part “Available items” under “Include static (from extensions)”. The selection will move to the “Selected items”:

The Include tab and the available items in Include Static

Including a static template from an extension

TYPO3 CMS is now using the rendering definitions of “fluid_styled_content” for the basic set of content elements. This is basically unstyled HTML5 markup.

Unless you know what you are doing also include “Content Elements CSS (optional) (fluid_styled_content)”. Some CSS styling will be added to the output of your page to make sure all the parts of a content elements have basic styling, like alignment and position. The styling will not add any colors, do font changes or similar which should be related to your website styles. This static include is optional, because some integrators want to override even the basic styling.

Inclusion of both static templates from the extension frontend

Including the static template for CSS styling

Save the template by using the appropriate button at the top of the module.