Disable the extension when not in use

Exported content may contain sensitive and restricted information related to your site. It is recommended that this extension be deactivated when it is not in use to prevent content being exported in error.

Prevent unauthorized access

The export function is available by default for editors without admin rights. It is limited to content to which the editor has access. The export functionality can be hidden in the editor's context menu by the user TSconfig contextMenu disableItems.

Note that it cannot be completely disabled as there are currently other entry points.

Secure the export directory

Exports are stored in fileadmin/user_upload/_temp_/importexport/. TYPO3 will automatically create a .htaccess file to prevent access to this folder from external sources. On Nginx webservers the .htaccess file has no effect. Follow the Security guidelines for System Administrators to find out how to prevent access to specific directories on Nginx webservers.

Reporting a security issue

If you believe you have found a security related issue that is not listed here, please contact the TYPO3 Security Team.