Configuration Best Practices

Use a Sitepackage Extension

It is generally recommended to use a a sitepackage extension to customize a TYPO3 website. This will contain configuration files for the site.

For more information about sitepackages in TYPO3 see:

Use TYPO3’s Core Default.yaml as boilerplate

Instead of starting from scratch when writing custom configurations, it is recommended to copy TYPO3’s configuration file typo3/sysext/rte_ckeditor/Configuration/RTE/Default.yaml into your extension folder <extkey>/Configuration/RTE/.

Check TYPO3’s Core Full.yaml to gain insight into a more extensive configuration

This preset shows more configured options and plugins. It is not intended for real use. It acts as an example.


Use Core Includes

The base processing configuration for “transformations” (key “processing”) is written in a way that is restrictive on the one hand, but also allows to be extended.

The include files are already split up so transformations can just be included or even completely disabled (by removing the line for importing) to have CKEditor take care of all security measures.