General Concepts

Editing Modes

CKEditor has three editing modes:

  • “Article Editor” mode (classic RTE): Editing is done within a fixed container. It is possible to customize how the editor behaves and how the content is styled.
  • “Document Editor” mode: Editing is done as in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, where the document itself mimics a sheet of paper. The focus is on structuring content and not mainly on the layout itself.
  • “Inline Editor” mode: All formatting styles are reused from the surrounding HTML and CSS styles, allowing for a seamless frontend editing.

“Article Editor” mode is used in the TYPO3 Backend.

“Inline Editor mode” is used by TYPO3’s “frontend_editing” which can be found on GitHub (frontend_editing. Frontend_editing is not covered in this document.

For a demonstration of all three modes, see the CKEditor demo.