What Articles Go Where

TYPO3 has two main websites and act as hubs for distinct target personas. Articles can be suitable for multiple personas, but for simplicity's sake, they usually fit only one of the hubs:

  • typo3.com: Business Hub
  • typo3.org: Community Hub

Articles for typo3.com

  • TYPO3 Product
    • Presenting the Product
    • Product Feature Highlights
    • Major Version Releases
    • Higher Education Package
    • Official integrations
  • Official Services
    • ELTS
    • SLA
    • PSL
    • Certifications
    • Project reviews
  • Announcing Sales-Enablement Materials
  • Presenting Case Studies
  • Events
    • Announcing and reporting official TYPO3 Events
    • Announcing and reporting community-external events
  • Press Releases
  • Guides and best practices (decision-makers, end-customers, sales)

Articles for typo3.org

  • Community News
    • Memberships
    • Team reports
  • Events
    • Announcing and reporting Community Events
  • TYPO3
    • Maintenance Release News
    • Security Release News
    • Development News
  • Podcast News
  • Tutorials and best practices (for agencies and other community folks)