Meet TYPO3

Every year, many central members of the TYPO3 community are present at external events outside of the TYPO3 community. By advertising these events through TYPO3's websites and social media, potential participants will be encouraged to attend the event and approach the TYPO3 representatives, creating positive synergies for the TYPO3 project and the world-wide open source community.


When representatives of TYPO3 are present at external events, it can be a part of Meet TYPO3 and an opportunity for:

  • Interaction and collaboration with other open-source communities.
  • Mutual learning and insights across technological, cultural, and national borders.
  • Outreach and increased visibility in new and existing markets.


Meet TYPO3 event participation has the same requirements as participation in the You Can Meet listing, plus:

  • Those who would like to participate at a Meet TYPO3 event must apply by email to Mathias Bolt Lesniak.
  • The event must be listed as an event in the category Meet TYPO3 at The event description must describe the event in positive terms and outline how participation in the event is expected to benefit other participants.
  • As TYPO3 is participating as a guest at the event, our participation should always be constructive, positive, and support the intention of the event. Inappropriate marketing and sales activities are not allowed.
  • The people who participate as TYPO3 representatives must write an event report for publication at The report should briefly describe the event and results in respect to the intended Opportunities.

Ticket and Travel Support

A budget is available for covering a single person's participation expenses for each each event:

  • Event ticket
  • Travel costs
  • Lodging

All costs are subject to the TYPO3 Association's Travel Expense and Reimbursement Regulations.


Nice conversations and exchanges are good, but the best is if TYPO3 can bring something more to the events where we attend.

At the moment, three slide decks are in development:

  • TYPO3 CMS: About TYPO3, features, cases, etc.
  • Open Source CMS: About the benefits of using an open source CMS such as TYPO3.
  • Open Source: About the benefits of open source with TYPO3 as an example.