TYPO3 Upgrade Guide






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Sun, 07 Jul 2024 15:20:25 +0000

This document explains how to upgrade TYPO3 and migrate from Legacy to Composer mode.

Patch/bugfix updates contain bugfixes and/or security updates. This section details how to install them using Composer.

This chapter details how major upgrades are installed using Composer and highlights what tasks need to be carried out before and after the core is updated.

Just like TYPO3's core, extensions also need to be regularly updated. This chapter details how to upgrade extensions using Composer.

Tools and resources developed by the community that can assist with common upgrade and maintenance tasks.

Using TYPO3 without Composer? This chapter details how to upgrade TYPO3 manually.

Learn how to apply Core patches in a future proof way: Automatize patch application with cweagans/composer-patches. Download a patch for the Core.

Information on how to migrate a legacy installation of TYPO3 to a Composer based installation.

This chapter details how pages and content can be exported and then imported into another installation of TYPO3.