Legacy Upgrade

Minor Upgrades - Using The Core Updater

The "Install Tool" in the section "Important Actions" provides a function to update the TYPO3 Core.

In the section "Important Actions" scroll down to "Core update" and click the "Check for core updates" button. If the requirements are met, TYPO3 will automatically install the new source code.

What's the Next Step?

In case you performed a minor update, e.g. from TYPO3 12.4.0 to 12.4.1, database updates are usually not necessary, though you still have to remove the temporary cache files. After that your update is finished.

In case of a major update, e.g. from TYPO3 11.5 to 12.4, go ahead with the next step!

Also check out any breaking changes listed in the changelog for the new version.