[0, 1, -1]


Proc. / Display

Determines where a record may exist in the page tree. There are three options depending on the value:

  • 0 (false): Default. Can only exist in the page tree. Records from this table must belong to a page (i.e. have a positive "pid" field value). Thus records cannot be created in the root of the page tree (where "admin" users are the only ones allowed to create records anyways). This is the default behavior.

  • 1 (true): Can only exist in the root. Records must have a "pid"-field value equal to zero. The consequence is that only admin can edit this record.

  • -1: Can exist in both page tree and root. Records can belong either to a page (positive "pid" field value) or exist in the root of the page tree (where the "pid" field value will be 0 (zero)). Note: the -1 value will still select foreign_table records for selector boxes only from root (pid=0)


The setting for "rootLevel" is ignored for records in the "pages" table (they are hardcoded to be allowed anywhere, equal to a "-1" setting of rootLevel).


This property does not tell the whole story. If set to "0" or "-1", it allows records from the table in the page tree, but not on any kind of page. By default records can be created only in "Folder"-type pages. To enable the creation of records on any kind of page, ignorePageTypeRestriction must be used.

Changed in version 12.0: Before TYPO3 v12.0 the PHP API call ExtensionManagementUtility::allowTableOnStandardPages() must be used (instead of ignorePageTypeRestriction) which was found in ext_tables.php files.